Special concert Tues, May 28 – Copper Hill at Coho!

(with Amy Rose and Zach Danziger opening the show)

Hey everyone, here’s another fabulous off-series concert before our next show on June 7th…

Copper Hill, an incredibly talented group of musicians (all Eastman School of Music students or alumna), who blend their influences together to create a unique chamber folk sound. They are Katie Knudsvig & Willa Finck (violin, vocals), Caroline Samuels (bass), and Ethan Cypress (banjo & bone).

The band’s honest and relatable music creates a uniquely engaging concert experience. Aiming to connect a variety of audiences, Copper Hill combines the defining aspects of each genre: the accessibility of folk music, the technicality of classical music, the intimate singer-songwriter perspectives, and the spontaneity and active engagement of jazz. It is Copper Hill’s passion and love for these genres, for their individual elements and the way they can be combined into a more meaningful and evocative musical style, that drives and inspires them to create folk-art music. The band’s thoughtful arrangements of traditional folk tunes are harmoniously coupled with their sweet yet sometimes (heavily) sarcasm-tinged style of songwriting.

Hear them here:

And here they are on facebook: