November 3rd – Show of Cards Band (CD Release) with opener, River Rhapsody

Show of Cards merges an intimate singer-songwriter sensibility with lively band-driven musicianship. The band formed as a Cardozo sibling trio, with singer-songwriter Karen (formerly of Chattering Magpies), bassist Joe (of Cold Duck Complex) and lead guitarist Mike (also of Zikina). Featuring drummer Makaya McCraven, they debuted with Leap Year in 2009  (engineered by Justin Pizzoferrato of Sonelab).  In 2013, Karen and Mike on vocals and guitars joined forces with bassist Garrett Sawyer (of Gaslight Tinkers) and drummer Joe Fitzpatrick (of Trailer Park).

With Something Better (2013), producers Mike and Garrett enveloped Karen’s thoughtful songwriting in the textures, rhythms, and arrangements of musical languages from folk-rock to jazz to West African to classical. Engineered by Garrett at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst,  collaborators included drummer Sturgis Cunningham, cellist Eric Remschneider (of many acts including Smashing Pumpkins), Jeff D’Antona (keyboards), Zoe Darrow (fiddle) and Tim Eriksen (backing vocals).  

The band is currently completing their third album at Northfire (2017), engineered by Garrett andfeaturing Jeff D (on keys), Dave Haughey (cello) and a guest appearance by Platypus Complex (rapper Casey Hayman). Produced by Mike, One Small Good Thing takes Show of Cards to an exciting musical frontier.

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